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Observation report-1 - SlideShare As ESL students become more fluent, it's time to focus on how to use that fluency in specific tasks such as making a presentation or writing an essay. The advanced topics you choose should depend upon what your students have planned for the future. Feb 1, 2014. Observation Report 1 Intermediate Reading and Composition David Atterberry. I found free-writing/journal writing tasks in my English classes to be. Laurie said that from her experience a lot of ESL listening activities.

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Help With My Esl Persuasive Essay On Presidential Elections, Buy. Why do book reports strike terror in the hearts of most students? A book report challenges students to think and write critiy about what they’ve read. In the early elementary grades, extra support is given, often with book report worksheets that prompt students to write about a favorite character and other book details. Esl business plan writers sites uk write my u. ca report editing website usa pay to get drama dissertation abstract pay to write professional problem.

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Type My Esl Cheap Essay On Civil War, Buy Essay Online - buhsenim.kz Every year, in classrooms all over the country, the population of English language learners continues to grow. Depending on where you live and how far along your school’s ESL program is, you may have to fure out how to help non-English speaking students participate in your class, even if you have no ESL training yourself. Sadly, many teachers in this situation will just have these students sit there, watching as their classmates engage in learning activities. Or we mht give students a coloring page, just so they have something to do with their hands. It’s not even close to ideal—we know this—but with no other tools at our disposal, what else is there? In an earlier post, I shared 12 strategies regular classroom teachers can use to support ESL students in their classrooms. Since then, I have been shown one more tool that can make a huge difference for these students: the Can-Do Descriptors, downloadable for free from an organization ed WIDA. These descriptors are desned to help classroom teachers understand what students at different levels of English proficiency should be able to do in a regular content area classroom. The tasks are separated into four domains: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The descriptors can help you look at an activity you plan to do with your English-speaking students, then scale it back for ELL students so that they are still interacting with the academic content, just at a simplified level. Let’s walk through an example so you can see the Can-Do charts in action. Take a look at this page of descriptors for grades 9-12: WIDA Can-Do Descriptors for Reading and Writing, Grades 9-12. Level 1 is the lowest level of proficiency and Level 6 is the hhest. Suppose you want students to write research reports that integrate information from a variety of sources. If you look at the “Writing” row on the chart above, you’ll see that this activity is listed as something a Level 5 student should be able to do. Let’s assume you have three ELL students in your class: Seda, who speaks almost no English (Level 1), Pavlo, whose English is progressing, but still hasn’t reached proficiency (Level 3), and Ife, who is approaching fluency (Level 5). Ife can most likely do the research report as assned (see the top bullet in “Writing” under Level 5). She may need a bit of help with some of the vocabulary, but at level 5, her proficiency is strong enough to do the same work as her English-speaking peers. Pavlo, at Level 3, could be given a template or graphic organizer that asks for specific information about his chosen topic. In order to complete this template, he will still need to do research, but he won’t need to rely on the advanced English ss required to compose a well-written report. Meanwhile, Seda may only be able to label pictures of items related to a topic similar to those students are researching. If all students are researching careers, for example, you mht find out what types of jobs Seda is interested in, have her choose one, then give her pictures related to that job to look up and label. Here’s another example from 3rd-grade teacher Kelsey Davis, using the grades 3-5 descriptors: The levels in these charts are based on student scores on the ACCESS test, which is given in many states to measure English language proficiency. If your state doesn’t use this test, if you are outside of the U. S., or if you are working with a student who hasn’t been tested yet, use these charts as a guideline: The point is to use the descriptors to challenge each student as much as possible within their current language abilities, so make your best guess about what the student mht be able to do, try it, and adjust as necessary. ♦ Download a Free Copy of the WIDA Can-Do Descriptors for your target age HERE. And check back later: WIDA is currently working on additional versions of the descriptors, including a set in Spanish. Join my mailing list and get weekly tips, tools, and inspiration—in quick, bite-sized packages—all geared toward making your teaching more effective and fun. To thank you, I’ll send you a free copy of my e-booklet, 20 Ways to Cut Your Grading Time in Half, which has helped thousands of teachers spend less time grading! Write my accounting report professional business plan ghostwriting service us esl school essay proofreading services ca type my esl cheap essay on.

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Pay For My Esl Expository Essay On Pokemon Go, Buy Essay Online -. The purpose of this report is to consider the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a large of students from overseas for two weeks. I have discussed the issue with all the senior members of college staff. All those I interviewed believe that for students this would be an exciting opportunity to explore a foren culture, both in the classroom and socially. Overall, they thought the visit would be stimulating for the college at a quiet time of the year. – balance the positive and negative points fairly – you can use numbering or bullet points to hht main points – use a range of specific vocabulary or set phrases e.g. Some thought this was …../ other students said they preferred… – don’t use a lot of adjectives and dramatic language. A report gives factual information – balance the positive and negative points fairly – you can use numbering or bullet points to hht main points – use a range of specific vocabulary or set phrases e.g. Some thought this was …../ other students said they preferred… A of students from Australia are going to visit your town or city next month as part of an exchange visit. Their teacher has asked you to write a report about shopping in your town / city, including the following information: Organise your ideas into a clear report: either rely on paragraphing or use subheadings (or both). Briefly introduce the programme, include its title and say what it is about. Mention a few things about the programme that support your recommendation from the foren learner’s point of view. Report writer site ca popular academic writing website uk. to write education problem solving pay for my esl expository essay on pokemon go top article.

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