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Sean Donnellan - IMDb Mooncakes are the traditional food for Mid-autumn festival. Abroad from Hongkong you can usually only buy mooncakes during this short period in a year. With this video I hope to teach everyone to make mooncakes at home. You will also need mooncake syrup and lotus seed paste. 30 grams = 2 tbsp measuring spoons, mooncake golden syrup 6. 18 ml = 1.2 thsp measuring spoons, vegetable oil 5. egg wash: an clear egg yolk add 15 ml = 1 tbsp measuring spoons, milk 9. Sean Donnellan, Actor The Kingdom. Sean Donnellan is an actor and director, known for The Kingdom 2007, Bolt 2008 and Age of Mythology 2002.

The Civilian <b>Resume</b> Checklist

The Civilian Resume Checklist As a manager, have been everything from , Director of Engineering, Director of Technology, Engineering Manager. Railtown Ventures is currently focused on the commercialization of Koho Financial is a Fin Tech (Financial Technology) company, providing a modern mobile banking experience to Canadians. Very experienced Principal Software Architect, Software Engineer, Technical Director and Product Manager with 18 years industry experience. As an engineer & architect, have been everything from Chief Software Architect, System Architect, Principal Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer. I founded Railtown Ventures, and operate it as a General Partner. ".) Railtown Ventures turns great ideas into commercially viable and profitable products, services, platforms, technologies, and companies. After my term as Koho's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), I stayed (as an employee) as an , to make sure that the transition (from my term as CTO) to the new term of the replacement CTO went smoothly. I took the company from nothing, to having a working, functioning, scalable, and secure software technology system. Due to all this — due to my role being so key — I offered a period, to make sure the transition went smoothly. I built out the company's technology, engineering, and product teams. During the hand-off transition period, I made sure the company kept running, I transferred knowledge to the replacement, I transferred knowledge to the new hires, I transitioned control of the technical systems, I transitioned the partner relationships. Koho Financial is a Fin Tech (Financial Technology) company, providing a modern mobile banking experience to Canadians. At Koho Financial I operated as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). I took the company from nothing, to having a working, functioning, scalable, and secure software technology system. I built out the company's technology, engineering, and product teams. At different times, what it meant to be CTO of Koho changed. But it had always required a mix of skills; which includes: having a deep understanding of . I joined Koho a little before we received any funding. I was the original technical person, and built the initial technology. When I was the only technical person at Koho, being CTO meant that I was a software engineer, an architect, a data scientist, a sysadmin, and a product developer. After Koho got funding, it gave us the ability to recruit and hire our first team. This included both software engineers and product developers / managers. When we started hiring our first team, being CTO meant I was a recruiter, a networker, and the public "face" of Koho to technical people. This team continued the software and product development, and created the initial versions of Koho. Once this was established, being CTO meant I was a Manager, a Lead, a mentor, a trainer, a Technical Director, and the Chief Architect. I helped junior and intermediate software engineers turn into senior software engineers. Later, as the company grew and needed to scale, I created a number of new teams, each with their own mandates and responsibilities. Once were created, being CTO meant I was a Director, I was a Lead of other Leads, and a Manager of other Managers. And set senior software engineers on the path to becoming leads, managers, and principal software engineers. Each time the company went through these qualitative changes, I hired others to do jobs I was previously doing myself. At different times, what it meant to be CTO of Koho changed, but it had always required a mix of skills. At different times, being CTO meant being a software manager, being a technical director, being a software engineer, being a software architect, being a product manager, being a sysadmin (operations / Dev Ops), being a data scientist, being a mentor, being a recruiter, and being a lead. My organizing activities include, organizing and hosting meetings and presentations, arranging speakers for meetings, helping (some) speakers develop presentations for meetings, and networking. My organizing activities include, organizing and hosting meetings and presentations, arranging speakers for meetings, helping (some) speakers develop presentations for meetings, and networking. focused on creating reusable and often highly scalable technologies for web-based applications and in-game content, to be used by the various delivery teams. I also created a plan to move Electronic Arts to taking a data-driven and scientific approach to marketing, employing machine learning, statistics and data science. More concretely, on a day-to-day basis, my work experience was multifaceted. (Which fluctuated to some degree, as accommodations needed to be made when the company went through a number of reorganizations.) Overall, those facets of my day-to-day work experience is a follows. was another of the facets of my day-to-day work experience. I am a fan of data-driven architecture; and continued using that technique at Electronic Arts. When the problem being solved warranted it, was another of the facets of my day-to-day work experience. I am not a fan of (what is sometimes called) "ivory tower architecture" and was adamant about not being one at Electronic Arts. I engineered and programmed many of the systems I architected. was another of the facets of my day-to-day work experience. I provided oversight and guidance to other software engineers and system architects, both in formal and informal settings. Reviewing (some amount of the) major designs and architecture decisions from engineers' & architects' and providing feedback when needed; as well as helping to overcome architecture problems that may have been found in the review process. Also, another form of was of technical systems and came from a more data-based sources; such as time series, tracing and logging data from our production system; which indicated architecture problems, and called for action (and sometimes planning) to deal with the discovered problem. was another of the facets of my day-to-day work experience. I was involved in (some amount of) the interviewing and screening of potential hires for software engineering and system architecture roles. (This was a 49 Research on-site long term contract, through Ignite Technical.) At Trulioo I headed the day-to-day activities of the software engineering and data science teams. I joined Trulioo while it was at an early phase of the startup lifecycle. (The engineering team consisted of just two people, when I joined Trulioo.) I hired most of the development team, which included software engineers and data scientists. Like with most startups, necessity requires you to "wear multiple hats" and do what is necessary to get things done. In addition to engineering management, I joined in on the software engineering, system architecture, operations, , and data science work, when necessary. My engineering management activities include project planning, project management, providing technical guidance for system architecture, software engineering & data science efforts, creating functional requirements, establishing team processes, monitoring workflow, managing technical aspects of Trulioo's relations with its partners, and research and development. My engineering management activities also included establishing hiring plans, recruiting efforts, outreach to the universities, outreach via local conferences, and networking with local talent. Also I managed Trulioo's relationship with the National Research Council Canada for the i RAP program, writing academic paper style reports of Trulioo's research and development for the National Research Council Canada, and writing grant proposals for the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada's Engage Grant. At Hoot Suite I operated as the Engineering Lead for the Analytics Team, and had senior roles on the App Directory Team, the Acquisitions Integrations Team, and the Web Team. My day-to-day responsibilities included software engineering, system architecture, research and development, technical oversight, onboarding new engineers, mentoring of (more) junior engineers, performing design reviews of other engineers' designs, performing code reviews on other engineers' code, knowledge transfer to new engineers, and ensuring, encouraging and enforcing the quality of engineering work of other engineers working on the Analytics Team, Acquisitions Integrations Team, and certain parts of the Web Team. I took the role of Director of Engineering and Product Development. In this capacity, I managed resources including scheduling and hiring for the engineering group, initiated, lead and managed the new product development (NPD) initiatives, defined and documented department standards, provided technical oversight for projects, helped define technical specifications, provided scoping and estimation for project bids, while also participating in engineering work when time allowed. senior level software engineer who could "hit the ground running", so to speak. And learn their system at a highly rapid pace, and start making major contributions to the system immediately. As a senior software engineer at Navarik, I worked on their flagship product -- Navarik Inspection. Developing the software while working with the team in a Agile environment. Back when blogging first went mainstream, "everyone" wanted to get into blogging. However, back then blogs were still a new technology. At the time, companies were just starting to get interested blogging and feel that it was important to have a coroprate blog. And many individuals saw opportunity with blogging. Word Press (a free and open source blogging platform) was in the right place at the right time, and became the blogging software of the time. Word Press was what "everyone" used, when they wanted to set up their own blog. Make made Wordpress look how the customer wanted it to look. Companies who wanted to use Word Press either wanted to make Word Press look like their existing corporate websites or make it look like a PSD file they had an artist create. I was the lead product manager at Make where I managed all customer related and internal As a senior software engineer on the research & development team I researched, designed, and developed software and solutions for the Real Estate industry. As well as working on Word Press and Word Press MU (WPMU). However, making Word Press look like their website (or the design in a PSD file) was difficult. And developing Word Press Plug-ins and Word Press Themes / Templates. As the lead software engineer, I lead a team of software developers which created and maintained Bid Clix's in-house, proprietary, ad serving technology known as Active Market. And was responsible for much of the Research & Development. I operated as Director of Technology for Reptile Consulting & Services. The teams I managed consisted of software engineers, system administrators, and tech support specialists. It was also necessary for me to "wear multiple hats" and do what is necessary to get things done, as the company was being grown. At times I also took on the roles of software engineer, project manager, system administrator, tech support specialist, computer hardware specialist, and numerous other roles. At i Fusion, I designed, developed, and tested dynamic web sites. Including: bulletin boards, shopping cart systems, online stores, chat systems, administrative back-end systems, & news systems, among others. Skinny MVC is an open source, light-weight, easy to learn, "skinny" development framework for PHP that enables the developer to implement the MVC architectural pattern, while maintaining maximum flexibility and performance of the application. I was a core engineer & architect on the team developing Skinny MVC. Show in a Box is a (largely) volunteer build open source solution for Internet TV, video blogs, and video podcastings. Build on Word Press, Show in a Box is a collection of Word Press plugins and Word Press themes, designed to turn Word Press into a Online Video platform. The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) focuses primarily on the development of HTML and APIs needed for Web applications, including HTML5. Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft's . NET Framework based on the ECMA standards for C# and the Common Language Runtime. I contributed to the development of the GTK and GNOME . Editor on Netscape's (and now AOL Time Warner's) Open Directory Project. My editing role included the creation of new content; approving of (or disapproving of) submitted content; and searching for new content; among other things. My work on this project is used by Corporations such as: Netscape, AOL, Google, Lycos, and many many others. I have attained a BSc with a major in Computer Science (in May 2000). But although my education focused on Computer Science, it certainly was not restricted to it. My education was also directed heavily in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and a variety of Art related fields. My Computer Science education specialized in various Multimedia topics (ranging from 2D & 3D graphics, sound & video) and in Usability & HCI (ranging from cognitive psychology, design methodologies, guidelines, standards, and patterns adherence, human-computer interaction, information architecture, interaction design, prototyping, usability evaluations, and user & task analysis). My computer science & engineering related classes included such topics as: user interface design, multimedia systems, computer graphics, computer animation, model-based computer vision, designing programming languages, social implications of computerization in society, theoretical and practical aspects/problems of operating systems & their design, data structures & algorithms, theoretical and practical issues/problems relating to data communications and networking, low level computer hardware architecture, digital and computer design (laboratory), digital circuit design, data & program abstraction, database systems & structures, event driven programming, object oriented application design, and formal software engineering analysis, design, & processes. My math related classes included such topics as: discrete mathematics, numerical analysis, linear algebra, complex variables, differential geometry, applied algebraic systems, calculus, vector calculus, multi-dimensional calculus, differential equations, analysis, and abstract algebra, among others. My science related classes included such topic as: thermodynamics, electro-magnetics, organic chemistry, and Newtonian physics, among others. My arts related topics included such topics as: electro-acoustic music, 3D computer generated human animation, essay writing, poetry, linguistics, philosophy, and art history. My education was not restricted to what was taught in the classroom. In fact, the great majority of the knowledge and skills were attained through self-directed and self-motivated studies on my own time. Most the libraries & languages I know are a result of self directed study. Tru Verify is a system which is able to verify users attributes, such as name, gender, age, location and phone number, from of users identified by e-mail address or social network account. Stemming is the process of reducing inflected or sometimes derived words to a (common) stem. Also, I usually extended my education, on what was learned in class, through self directed study. The Porter Stemming algorithm is a stemming algorithm for the English language. go-porterstemmer is a native Go clean room implementation of the Porter Stemming algorithm, released as open source. Online social networks have become an important part of the Internet. Not only have they become leading communication mediums, but they have also become leading providers of identity. With this, comes (attempts at) commit fraud, with "fake" social network profiles and presences. Tru Detect (formerly called Profile Plus) is a system which is able to detect "fake" social network profiles, on social networks such as Facebook. https:// Hoot Suite is a very popular enterprise class social media dashboard, that allows users and enterprises to manage multiple social network profiles, schedule messages and tweets, track brand mentions, and analyze social media traffic. Hoot Suite supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google , Foursquare, Mixi, My Space, Ping.fm, and Word Press; as well as supports Instagram, Tumblr, You Tube, Trendspottr, Constant Contact. Digg, Flickr, Get Satisfaction, and Inbox Q through Hoot Suite Apps. is a popular, high performance, high availability, fault tolerant URL shortener and image & file hosting service, closely associated with and with two-way tie-ins into Hoot Suite, but which can also be used as a standalone product. Licensed gaming in British Columbia must meet stringent regulations of the government of British Columbia. My team (which I was Director of Engineering over) created a online game, that was able to "run" as both a free money version and a real money version, and meet the stringent regulations set by the government of British Columbia. (An NDA prevents me from providing more details.) The social gaming space, and in particular social gaming on Facebook, has become become an emerging billion dollar industry. Large social gaming developers such as Zynga, Playdom, and Electronic Arts as well as a "zoo" of smaller social game development companies are driving and fueling the growth of social media giant Facebook, with others such as My Space, hi5, and others looking to also capture a portion of this industry. Monetization of these games comes in many forms, but often revolve around virtual currencies. One avenue for this montization is the usage in-game online ad space sold via a CPA business model. Conversions from these online ads results in virtual currencies being awarded to the game player. (Which can be used by the game player to purchase virtual goods and other items.) The social gaming ad network my team (which I was Director of Engineering over) created for our undisclosed client allows social game developers, on Facebook and other social networks, to monetize their game's user base through online ads whose conversions results in virtual currency being "deposited" in the game player's account. (An NDA prevents me from providing more details.) Small Business BC (SBBC) is a not-for-profit society which is a key resource centre for business information and services, in British Columbia, by providing information brokering services, seminars, and consultations. SBBC Connector is a Skinny MVC is a light-weight, easy to learn, "skinny" development framework for PHP that enables the developer to implement the MVC architectural pattern, while maintaining maximum flexibility and performance of the application. Pinc Productions is a creator of multi-currency charitable giving technologies and platforms, focusing on web-based solutions, online video, and social networking. Social Giving is Pinc Productions' charitable giving platform designed for Ning as a "network widget", to be used in social networks which support Open Social. Navarik is a producer of web-based solutions for the shipping business. And has found much success in the petroleum industry. Navarik Inspection is web-based cargo inspection system that helps petroleum and energy firms standardize your nomination and inspection workflows across the company, and analyze cargo quantity and quality (CQQ), including loss and trending, more easily and accurately. Canada is Canada's largest communications company. Show in a Box is a (largely) volunteer build open source solution for Internet TV, video blogs, and video podcastings. With the click of a button a user can talk to a human being and have them help them find what they are looking for. Part of Bell Canada's offerings is the Bell Virtual Marketplace. Build on Word Press, Show in a Box is a collection of Word Press plugins and Word Press themes, designed to turn Word Press into a Online Video platform. Cha Cha Adagent is a cost per click advertising system that allows advertisers to reach the Cha Cha search audience on a performance basis. Bell Virtual Marketplace is one of Canada's premier advertising networks and advertising technology providers. Top Producer provides leading solutions for the real estate industry. Top Producer Blogs is a highly scalable fork of Word Press MU (WPMU) tightly integrated with Top Producer's other products. Accipiter Solutions is one of the pioneers in the online ad serving space. Accipiter Ad Market is a globalized advertising marketplace. It services top Canadian websites and portals; including Sympatico MSN (MSN Canada). (English) (French) Active Market is a fully branded, private label technology solution enabling publishers to operate their own self-contained advertising marketplace. Ideal for publishers with strong brands and leadership in their own industry, vertical, or geographic region. The Active Market technology is a high performance, industry leading, high availability, fault tolerant, ad serving system which can handle upwards of 1000 hits per second. It has sub-systems for fraud detection, early warning problem detection, health monitoring, self healing, optimization, quality control, accounting, reporting, and e-commerce. Bid Clix's Ad Serving Technology is a high performance, industry leading, high performance, high availability, fault tolerant, ad serving system which can handle upwards of 1000 hits per second. This ad serving technology is currently used by about half of the leading websites, portals, and ISP's. (Although an NDA prevents listing most of them.) Acuity Box is software used for eye acuity examination. Acuity Box is a Linux application written in C#, and utilizing the GTK# library It is distributed on a live (bootable) Linux CD, that boots straight into the Acuity Box program (which removes many potential problems and complications due to using a computer system). Projects listed here are limited to work done very recently (for reasons of keeping this resume to a reasonable length). Information about older projects will be provided upon request. (Other projects include various web sites, e-commerce sites, applications, and system software.) Was asked to speak at the first "Fintech Camp" in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, while I was visiting Romania. Through telling the story of how Koho Financial was created, I covered topics such as: software development versus product development, product development basics, unit economics, demos versus prototypes, startups versus lifestyle companies, managing risk, c-level roles versus the board of directors, fund raising, hiring, the science of "prestige" (i.e., social learning and cultural evolution), creating a startup within a regulatary regime, etc etc. Luckily, Monster has a resume writing service, including a free assessment of your current resume, to help ensure your resume not only gets you considered, but also.

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Resume for Charles Iliya Krempeaux, As a career-services provider, I have developed resumés for high school seniors to accompany their college applications. Much of this work involved organizing innumerable details of a laundry list of activities, highlighting academic and extra-curricular achievements, and demonstrating leadership skills. Now, as the mom of a high school senior, I have a different take on the high-school resumé. While learning about the college-application process, I discovered that this document was not supposed to remake my nearly adult child into the most stellar applicant ever (though, certainly, there are students who reasonably have such a goal) but to show who he is. More precisely, its purpose is to shed light on how he spent his time, what novel and difficult situations he encountered, and what he valued (evidenced by how he allocated his hours in high school), whether in sync with his parent's desires or not. So, I'll share with you the specifics of what I learned, hoping to relieve some stress and improve your productivity during your senior year. (See also: Great Ways to Improve Your Resume Today) The best reason to put together this type of resumé is to capture what’s relevant about your high school career in order to help you develop your applications to colleges, universities, or technical schools. Specifically, you will use this information for the following reasons: And, unlike most types of resumés, the main purpose of this document isn’t to win a job interview or land a job. However, those who may be pursuing work-study arrangements, a part-time job, or an internship can make adjustments to emphasize work experience, entrepreneurial ventures, and freelance activities. The guidance counselors at your school probably have a form for you to complete or an example to follow. Use that as a guide to make sure you include pertinent information. Depending on your school’s requirements, complete the forms as requested, but feel free to create your own version of your high-school history (or take a look at this example resume I made). Typically, the major categories are: When you are putting everything together, most of the information will emerge naturally. You’ll remember which years you played soccer or volunteered at the humane society, the fall seasons that you ran cross country or played in the marching band, and the dates that you were in the school play or were inducted into the honor society. But other information may be tougher to bring forth, so take your time to recall as much as possible, whether you immediately consider an activity relevant or not. Ask your parents, friends, and grown-up advisors (like teachers, coaches, youth group leaders, etc.) about things you may be missing. Some items, like your name and AP courses taken, will be easy to categorize and need no further elaboration. A few are straightforward, like your participation on the soccer or swim team. But many are more complicated, as certain activities could fall under more than one category plus need elaboration for readers to understand. Place activities in the category that makes the most sense to you. For example, my son tutored elementary school kids during the off-season and worked on a Habitat for Humanity project as a part of an outreach program organized by the head football coach. Likewise, he completed service hours as part of membership requirements for the academic honor society. Rather than placing these items under “football” or “honors,” he classified these activities as community service. Most people have heard of Habitat for Humanity, so listing the item is sufficient. But the two weeks that my son spent repairing homes and getting to know impoverished homeowners in rural areas with a lesser-known group can use some explanation. Be consistent with each activity, using the same types of references for all items (for example, list junior year or Grade 11, summer after junior year or Summer 20XX rather than a mixture of these formats). And special designations or leadership roles, even minor ones, need elaboration; that is, tell us if you were a photographer for the yearbook or the sports editor for the school newspaper. Many applications will request hours devoted to each activity, which can be useful but is not necessary for this type of resumé. Add or adjust categories that best reflect your activities and accomplishments, even if this means deviating from a standard format. For example, consider a heading for awards to list accolades associated with music, science, and scouting apart from academic honors; a separate section for these makes sense even if most people you know don’t have such a heading. Create an experience category if you have held a traditional job, run a side business, or earned money by providing manual labor for neighbors. If you'd like, add a personal statement so that you can have that information handy when you fill out applications. This mom's advice is to go ahead and put together the resumé as early as you can so that you can move quickly but thoroughly through college applications. Wise Bread is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Railtown Ventures is startup studio. Also sometimes called a "startup factory", "startup foundry", or "venture builder".

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