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Annual Review of Sociology Home This study reviews international comparative studies investigating people’s views on inequality. These studies are classified using a framework consisting of three types of conceptions of inequality and two dimensions of inequality. Four perspectives are discussed explaining cross-national differences in views on inequality: the modernist, the culturalist, the micro and the macro perspective. The findings of studies comparing views on inequalities in post-communist and Western states provide more support for the modernist than for the culturalist perspective. Few comparative studies appear to investigate views on inequalities as independent variables impacting on other social attitudes and behaviours. It is argued that the social relevance of the field will be enhanced if more studies can show that views on inequality have an effect on social outcomes complementary to that of objective inequalities. L’étude fait le tour des comparaisons internationales qui ont analysé les opinions sur l’inégalité. On peut les classer à partir de trois conceptions de l’inégalité et de deux dimensions. On obtient en fait quatre modèles qui rendent compte des différences entre nations : le moderniste, le culturaliste, la perspective micro et la perspective macro. Les données comparatives pour les pays ex-communistes et les pays occidentaux s’accordent mieux avec une perspective moderniste que culturaliste. Les études comparatives ont fort peu traité les jugements sur l’inégalité comme variables indépendantes ayant un impact sur d’autres attitudes et comportements sociaux. La pertinence sociale de ce champ d’études serait augmentée si davantage d’études montraient que les jugements sur l’inégalité ont des effets sociaux qui s’ajoutent à ceux des inégalités objectives. Dieser Beitrag interessiert sich für internationale vergleichende Studien, die die Anschauungen über Ungleichheit zum Thema haben. Diese Studien lassen sich in drei Konzepte und zwei Dimensionen von Ungleichheit einteilen. Daraus entstehen vier Modelle, die die unterschiedlichen nationalen Betrachtungsweisen von Ungleichheit erklären: die modernistische Perspektive, die kulturelle Perspektive, die Mikroperspektive und die Makroperspektive. Die vergleichenden Angaben ehemaliger kommunistischer und westlicher Länder stimmen eher mit der modernistischen als mit der kulturalistischen Perspektive überein. Nur wenige der vergleichenden Studien scheinen Ungleichheiten als unabhängige Variablen zu verstehen, die zu anderen sozialen Formen und Verhaltensweisen führen könnten. Die soziale Bedeutung dieses Studienbereichs könnte zunehmen, falls mehrere Untersuchungen zeigen würden, dass die Einstufungen der Ungleichheit soziale Auswirkungen haben, die zu den objektiven Ungleichheiten hinzugefügt werden müssen. Inequality and well-being in OECD countries: What do we know? Annual Review of Sociology. Explicating Divided Approaches to Gentrification and Growing Income Inequality. compliance and persuasion relevant to nonresponse error, sociological theories relevant to nonresponse error, and cognitive and social psychological theories relevant to measurement error. Read the Article.

Why Do Women's Fields of Study Pay Less? A Test of Devaluation. You can share your research paper among other researchers in social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. It is simple just copy the view page link of published paper and share with your friends as shown below. Jun 5, 2014. As men are overrepresented in lucrative fields and women disproportionately graduate from disciplines that yield low wages in the labour market, horizontal sex. European Sociological Review, Volume 30, Issue 4, 1 August 2014, Pages 536–548, https// Published 05 June.

Journal of Sociology SAGE Journals Sociological research is an integral component of the sociology curriculum. Testing theoretical knowledge in the field is the basis for proving new theories and trends. Students learn about quantitative research methods as well as how to conduct field studies. Department professors are active in many research projects. Mignon Duffy edited, with Amy Armenia (Rollins College) and Clare Stacey (Kent State University), a collection of original research exploring paid care work. The volume, entitled "Caring on the Clock: The Complexities and Contradictions of Paid Care Work," published by Rutgers University Press in fall 2014. Adrian Cruz has an article entitled "Labour Militancy Deferred" in the journal, "Race & Class." Cruz presented a co-authored paper on attitudes and beliefs in regard to Latino immigrants with Kazuyo Kubo (Lesley University) at the annual Eastern Sociological Society conference in Baltimore. In November 2014, he presented another paper on Mexican farm workers in Toronto at the yearly conference for the Social Science History Association. Levon Chorbajian gave talks at Roxbury Community College and Holy Cross College on the impact of neo-liberal policies on public higher education in Massachusetts. In fall 2014, he presented a paper on Turkish denial of the Armenian Genocide at a World War I Centennial Conference at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, N. The paper is one part of a larger book length project on the Turkish denial. Mitra Das is the lead author of the research article “Decades after Resettlement: Later Life Experiences of Aging Cambodian Refugees” published in Humanity and Society 37(4), November 2013. Her piece on “Cambodian Community in Lowell, Massachusetts” was published in "Asian Americans: An Encyclopedia of Social, Cultural, Economic and Political History," 1, 2014. She presented a paper, “An Immigrant’s Story: Bengali Family in the United States” at the International Narrative Conference at MIT, Cambridge, Mass. She is currently working on several writing projects including an auto-ethnography: her personal story as an immigrant traversing between two distinct cultures. She has been invited to be a reviewer for "Choice Magazine," to review academic sources for Asian American Studies. Daniel Egan is working on a study of the role war and military theory play in social theory. His areas of expertise include social theory, social inequality, political sociology, war and peace and globalization. Thomas Piñeros Shields presented at the Harvard University symposium on “Illegality, Youth and Belonging” in October 2013. He has been a member of the planning committee for URBAN and has organized a round table discussion “How Can DREAMers be Partners in Community Based Research? ” at the American Sociology Association (ASA) in San Francisco in August 2014. Paula Rayman conducted research as a visiting scholar at Queens University in Belfast Ireland and at University of Haifa in Israel in fall 2014 on a project entitled, "Building Positive Peace and Gender Equity" that builds upon post-conflict case study material from both Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine and includes interviews with women leaders from nonviolent resistance movements in both regions. In addition Rayman will continue to be director of the Middle East Center for Peace, Development and Culture at UMass Lowell and work with the provost on deepening our partnerships in the region. She is working with the Chancellor's Office on the Women and Public Service Program (WPSP), based at the Woodrow Wilson International Center in Washington D. Charlotte Ryan was visiting professor at CUNY School of Public Health, New York City, March 10-11, 2014. She presented a lecture, "Four Models of Strategic Communication in Public Health." On June 25, 2014 Ryan was a visiting lecturer at Brown University’s IPROV program. She introduced IPROV fellows to Lukes’ concepts of Power and Change. She recently published an article, “Acting in Concert: Social Movements’ Contribution to Environmental Communication,” has been accepted for publication in the Handbook of Environmental Communication. It tracks the efforts of the national environmental organization, Green For All, to build networks that create green jobs while addressing climate change. Reflecting on her experiences in service learning, Charlotte Ryan also published “A Bridge is not Just a Metaphor: Building Sustainable Community-university Partnerships through Service Learning Projects,” In Service Sociology and Academic Engagement in Social Problems, Treviño and Mc Cormack, Eds. The "Journal of Poverty" summer 2014 issue features Ryan’s article, “Building Public Will: The Battle for Affordable - and Supportive - Housing” co-authored with Rhode Island homeless rights advocates Jim Rcyzek and Karen Jeffreys. Janelle Diaz, UMass Lowell sociology graduate organized the literature review for the article and is co-author. Ryan has been committed to publishing research with community partners. She is a member of the Urban Publication team working to develop guidelines to facilitate the publication of community-based research now common in public health journals. She presented these guidelines for feedback at an URBAN roundtable in San Francisco in August. Cheryl Najarian Souza is working on data analysis of politicians and how they balance work and family life and how they create laws and policies. Susan Thomson presented the paper, "The Concerto and the Peacock: Ethnographic Fieldwork and the Music of Seraikela Chhau Dance" at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting in Chicago during November 2013, and also presented the paper "Musician, Researcher, Bohu: Gender and the Ethnographic Research Process" at the UMass Lowell Gender Studies Conference in February, 2014. During the fall semester, 2013, in partnership with the Tsongas Industrial History Center, she worked with service-learning students in her social anthropology course to update the museum exhibit "Mill Girls and Immigrants" at the Mogan Cultural Center. The exhibit, including profiles of refugees from Iraq, Bhutan, Congo and Burma, opened in Fall 2014. Susan gave a paper about the creation of this exhibit at the American Ethnological Society/Visual Anthropology meeting in Boston, April 2014. Is the official journal of The Australian Sociological Association. It carries peer refereed articles of sociological research and theory on issues of int. Book Review Kate O'Loughlin, Collette Browning and Hal Kendig eds, Ageing in Australi. Peta S. Cook.

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